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Mobile Nail Tech

You Can't Buy Happiness But You Can Get A Mani / Pedi ... iT's Basically The Same Thing!

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Our Calendar

Catering to the needs of our service area communities, older, mommies, men, and everyone in-between!

Our services 

While we are a full-service nail tech provider, PEDICURE'S are our PASSION!

Foot care is not only a choice, we believe it is the pedestal to good health and feeling well while boosting energy. A great day starts from FOOT- UP!

We strive to meet the needs and desires of hand and foot care for our community service-area members of all ages and genders. Weither its because you do not have a car, a ride, desire for privacy, or any other reason in-salon care is not desirable we are here to serve you no matter your reason for need of mobile services and at a reasonable cost.   

The Basics of Our Services

Our basic manicures and pedicures are waterless-russian-style based services that smooth skin, remove cuticle, and add moisture around the nails after trim / filing. Hands and feet are more protected, healthy, and beautified.

We offer many add-on treatments to our basic nail care manicure or pedicure, as an add-on service for a minimal cost.

 Add-On Services:

Spa- may be dry or wet

Hot Stone

Cold Stone

Marble Massage

Thai Pole Massage- cold or heated

Hot Wax Therapy

Hot Lotion Therapy

***Note: Spa treatments are based on products used and extent of massage to the lower leg or arm as well as corresponding hands or feet and not by equipment used/ or offered.

What our customers are saying

Knowledgable friendly service!

At other salons I've been too, their touch is too strong, but your touch feels so good!